Offsite Registration & Location Info

Note: We ID every guest.

No one under the age of 21 is permitted at University Row, without exception. Please have your ID and your ticket with you upon arrival at your registration location.

Registration – Virginia

Our primary University Row pickup location (or Virginia Hub pickup point) is at Whitlow’s on Wilson in Clarendon. Registration is located in front of the restaurant, starting at 8:30am and ending at 10:15am. Don’t be late, or you may be left behind!

  • Whitlow’s brunch specials: Drink specials are $4 bud light and Miller lite, Screwdrivers,  and $14 bottles of Prosecco with acarafe of OJ. Rooftop food special is the $5 breakfast sandwich. Downstairs will offer the full brunch menu and drink  specials.

Bus Boarding by Zones

To help limit the craziness and discourage long lines at bus loading, we will continue with our system of Loading Zones this year. When you register at Whitlow’s, you will be assigned a loading zone. This zone ticket will allow you to board a bus any time from that zone number on till the end of boarding, so if your friends come later and you want to ride with them, just wait till their zone comes up. If you want to ride an early bus, please come to Whitlow’s early!

Registration – DC

The DC Hub pickup bar is Lou’s City Bar, located at 1400 Irving Street, NW. Registration starts at 9:00 am and ends at 10:00am. Don’t be late, or you may be left behind! There is only one bus leaving from DC, if you are not on it, you will miss the event!

  • Lou’s brunch specials : BOGO Bloody Marys and Mimosas as well as $4 pints and $16 pitchers of Miller Light or Narragansett.

Arrival at the Proper Ticketed Registration Location Required

Also, be sure to check your ticket to make sure you arrive at the correct registration location.  A DC ticketholder will not be accepted at Clarendon and vice versa. If you arrive at a pickup point with the wrong ticket, we will have to direct you to the correct registration location (ie: we see an Uber ride in your immediate future).


Metro will be operating on its weekend schedule and rebuilding tracks on race day, so please plan accordingly. We recommend checking their trip planner prior to and early on race day.

Bus Transportation Provider – Martz Group

The Martz Group has been our longtime transportation provider, specializing in group tours and trips. We highly recommend that alumni chapter consider this firm when planning trips to games, wine tours, etc.

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