University Row Host Committee

Host Committee

20th Annual University Row


Host Committee List – current as of April 25th:

Adrian Butler – Alabama A&M

Laisha Dougherty – Hampton University

Chelsey Kelly – Boston University

Darren Kinnaird – Auburn

William Marshall, Jr. – Howard

Erin Meadors – Georgetown

Todd Theringer – Harvard

Craig Woodside – Penn State


The honor of your presence is requested at the 2018 University Row at The Virginia Gold Cup. The 20th Annual version of the great event.

It’s simple, we need YOUR help building a crowd. So, we need you to be on the Host Committee.

It had come to our attention that, even within our strongest alumni chapter sales, key alumni with strong personal networks and friendships drive a large portion of our sales. Therefore, we want to recognize, support, and help guide the efforts of these key people as they help support this event!

Here are some key points about this new Host Committee program:

  1. Hosts agree to drive at least 5 Row ticket sales, or donate a similar amount to the Alumni Events Alliance (AEA), the non-profit parent organization of University Row.
  2. Hosts who drive higher sales, or donate a higher amount, will receive an increasing amount of benefits, including public recognition, discounted tickets, event input, donation/gain direction, etc.
  3. Hosts will work together, with the support of the University Row Steering Committee (URSC), to build up Host program features, structures, and benefits, to maximize giving and ticket sales.

If you are interested, please fill out this form and we will reach out:

The full Host agreement is located here, along with a full overview of the Host Committee program.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

If you have any questions please reach out to URow’s Host Committee Liaisons, Todd Theringer (Harvard)  and Darren Kinnaird (Auburn).