Our Sponsors

With University Row being an all-volunteer event supporting alumni chapters and scholarships, we would like to thank the following sponsors for their continued support and contributions to the University Row!

2019 Sponsors

MLJ Strategies

DC Bus Pick-up Bar

Virginia Bus Pick-up Bar:

University Row Games Sponsored by:

2019 Best Dressed Judges:

Three Commissioners from the DC Commission on Fashion, Arts, and Events (CFAE), Brandon Andrews, Jason Anthony, and Deidre Jeffries, will be serving as guest judges for this year’s Best Dressed Competition.

The Commission on Fashion Arts and Events was established to promote and support Washington, DC as an emerging market for the fashion and beauty industries. The commission is led by eight Commissioners appointed by the Mayor. Our vision is to develop a brain trust of fashion and beauty leaders who can support the development of the creative economy and position Washington, DC as a competitive market. We do this through events, education, retail development, and partnerships.”

2019 “Friends of the Row” and Best Dressed Sponsors:      

Interested in Becoming a Sponsor?

We are always looking for sponsors and partners for University Row. If you’re interested in becoming an official sponsor of University Row in the future, fill out this form to contact BJ at info@universityrow.org.  Thank you for supporting alumni chapters and student scholarships!