Partners Terms of Use

By participating as a University Row 2018 Tent Partner, the undersigned hereby agrees to abide by the Terms of Use outlined below, as agreed to by the University Row Anchors (URA), University Row Steering Committee (URSC), and the Row’s parent nonprofit corporation, Alumni Events Alliance (AEA).

Date of Event:         The date of the event is Saturday, May 5, 2018.

Alumni Event Alliance: The specific and primary purpose of the AEA, a Virginia nonprofit corporation, is to provide financial and logistical support to officially-chartered nonprofit alumni organizations and related charities.

Responsibilities and Requirements: University Row Anchors may recruit additional alumni groups (hereafter referred to as Tent Partners) to participate in their Tent(s). Tent Partners are provided with the opportunity to receive early/insider access to ticket sales, to have a say over features provided at the event, and to receive financial incentives based on sales and planning/volunteer participation.

  1. Tent Partners must sign this Agreement in order to participate and be recognized by University Row in its web, social media, press releases, and print communications.
  2. Tent Partners agree to promote the opportunity to volunteer for the event, as well as the chance to participate in event planning with the URSC. Race Day volunteer opportunities include, but not limited to, registration, transportation, or other event logistics.

2.2 Partners and their representatives agree to abide by AEA’s Conflict of Interest policy, available on our website, or in written form on request. Partners are required to disclose the existence of any financial or other interest, and provide all material facts of such interest, to the URSC upon request.

  1. Tent Partners agree to promote and communicate University Row ticket sales and sponsorship opportunities to their DC-area alumni and friends. Communication efforts include, but are not limited to, email newsletter articles, social media posts, and website updates.

3.1 University Row will provide communication examples and templates upon request.

3.2 University Row sponsored communications may be forwarded to Tent Partner alumni.

  1. Tent Partners agree to make tickets available to their alumni once sales begin via broad-based communication efforts.

4.1 Partners may not forward discount codes or sale information to schools or groups that are not participating in University Row. Discount codes may not be posted to webpages or other places where non-alumni have access to them. Violations will cause related ticket sales to be cancelled.

4.2 If a Partner meets certain sales and/or participation levels, as defined by the URA and URSC, it will receive a financial contribution from AEA, if said Partner is a nonprofit organization, and if the overall event meets its sales goals. The amount and specific rules regarding this contribution will be decided on by the URA/URSC and AEA prior to the commencement of ticket sales.

4.2.1 It is not the policy of AEA to reissue financial contribution checks sent to Partners that are lost by the Partner representative. It it therefore expected that Partners provide correct contact information to AEA before these checks are sent.

4.3 Other Partner participation incentives may be created from time to time by the URSC, including invitations to Leader-only events, special marketing opportunities, etc.

4.4 Partners understand that all tickets sold are transferrable but non-refundable. Funds from ticket sales, less event costs, are considered donations to the Alumni Events Alliance. Note that University Row incurs most costs related to a ticket sale whether or not a ticketholder actually attends the event.

Sponsorship Opportunity: Tent Partners are welcome to participate in the University Row Sponsorship Program. Only Tent Partners with non-profit status are entitled to receive distributions. No portion of any sponsorship shall be provided directly to any individual.

  1. Tent Partners may retain 15% of arranged sponsorship proceeds. Tent Partners agree to contribute 60% of any monetary sponsorship to the URSC, and 25% to AEA.

5.1. The URSC Development Committee and Partner alumni club initializing a sponsorship agree to mutually share up to 10% of the URSC share of a received sponsorship, depending on the level of effort required by each group in arranging the sponsorship, as decided by the URSC on a case-by-case basis.

5.2. Non-monetary sponsorship distribution will be decided by the URSC on a case-by-case basis.

Risk Management: In addition to the rules outlined in this Agreement, Tent Partners, and their guests agree to comply with the rules and regulations of the Virginia Gold Cup Association (VGCA), as well as all applicable local, state, and federal laws. Additionally, they must anticipate problem situations, act appropriately, and behave in a professional manner.

  1. University Row attendees acknowledge and assume all risks incidental to Virginia Gold Cup, whether occurring before, during, or after the event.

6.1 Partners agree to indemnify and hold harmless AEA, their assigned Anchor(s), the URA / URSC, its trustees, officers, employees and alumni, from and against all actions, causes of action, claims and demands whatsoever, and from all costs, damages, expenses, charges, debts, and liabilities whatsoever (including reasonable attorney’s fees), that arise from or are connected with University Row or the Virginia Gold Cup, including but not limited to any injuries or damages to Tent Partner’s guests, except as to those acts, errors and omissions that are due to the gross negligence or willful misconduct of AEA.

  1. Failure to comply with laws, regulations, established ethics, or this Agreement may result in sanctions, including loss of financial distributions, temporary or permanent exclusion from University Row or other AEA events.

7.1 Penalties for violation(s) of this Agreement will be determined by a simple majority vote of Anchor tents at the recommendation of the URSC. Such recommendation(s) must be made within fourteen (14) days after the conclusion of University Row 2018.

Onsite Management: Tent Partners understand that this is an event oriented towards young professionals. Guests. Guests are expected to wear Proper Afternoon Attire, as described by the Virginia Gold Cup, and conduct themselves appropriately.

  1. Alcoholic beverages consumed at University Row are received from our approved Row Caterer, who will purchase these beverages on behalf of AEA and the Anchors, as directed by VGCA and Virginia ABC policies. No unopened beverages are allowed to leave University Row.

8.1 Guests must be 21 years of age to consume alcoholic beverages. Underage drinking is against the law and will not be tolerated. It is against AEA policy to allow attendees under the age of 21. All guests will be checked for age verification at event check-in.

8.2 Drunk or disorderly conduct is subject to arrest and eviction, as well as denial of entry to future AEA events. If a guest is removed from University Row, they will not be refunded any portion of their ticket costs, and will be responsible for their own transportation back home.

  1. Pets (except official service animals, with advance notice) are not permitted on the grounds of University Row or the Virginia Gold Cup.
  1. Each vehicle entering the Virginia Gold Cup grounds must possess a valid VGCA-issued car or bus pass, purchased either from University Row or directly from the Virginia Gold Cup. Right of admission to University Row does not, in itself, entitle guests to enter the grounds of the Virginia Gold Cup. No unapproved parking is allowed outside of the Virginia Gold Cup. Towing is enforced at owner’s expense.

10.1. No Anchor or Partner may issue or sell any other form of ticket to admit vehicles or guests to the grounds of the Virginia Gold Cup.

10.2. University Row tents are intended for the private use of Anchors, Partners, and invited guests. Sublease of and/or admission charge to any tent without URSC authority is prohibited. The reselling of tickets by any private party is not sanctioned by AEA; the URA / URSC are not responsible for redeeming tickets transferred in this manner.

  1. A standard sign with the official name of the assigned Tent will be provided by the URSC. The VGCA will also create a sign with the Tent number, as well as list Anchors and Tent numbers in their event program.

11.1. Tent Partners are encouraged to provide signs and other promotional material in their tent area, subject to the authorization and policies of their assigned Anchor. Anchors are responsible to ensure that signage in their tent is tasteful, visually organized, and relevant to their tent participants.

11.2. The URSC and AEA is not responsible for any lost signs or other materials.

  1. AEA will provide a limited number of tables, chairs, and other furniture inside each Anchor’s tent at the Row, as decided by the URSC. Additional furniture may be brought by the Anchor or Partners to the tent.

12.1. Anchors have overall responsibility for the use of any furniture or space in their Tent. Access to tent space by Row participants cannot be limited by Anchors. Tent furniture cannot be reserved by Tent Partners without the approval of the Anchor.

12.2. The URA / URSC and AEA is not responsible for any lost personal items or furniture at the Row.