Become a Partner

University Row offers your chapter the perfect opportunity to grow your local network and that of your alumni. If you’re a local alumni chapter leader and your school isn’t involved with University Row, don’t miss out any longer! University Row is a great way for your alumni to participate in a signature annual event and for your leaders to meet and network with other leaders representing schools across the country.

To make this a truly alumni-oriented event, anchor schools are encouraged to partner with other alumni groups in the area. Partners will support the planning process by providing event day volunteers, publicity, and ticket sales for their Anchor’s tent. Partners are also welcome to help in other areas of University Row planning. The Anchor/Partner relationship benefits everyone by making tickets to University Row available to a wider variety of schools and getting more people involved in the event.

Interested in Partnering?

Fill out this form to contact Hilah Zia, who is the University Row Alumni Affairs Chair.