University Row Steering Committee

The University Row Steering Committee (URSC) is the group of representatives from Anchor and Partner schools that are involved in the planning and execution of University Row at the Virginia Gold Cup each year. On the day of the Virginia Gold Cup, they coordinate all events of the day. They are the all-volunteer group that makes the day possible. If you or your school are interested in becoming an anchor or partner of University Row, please contact Dave Timmons ( If your school is already an anchor or partner, either contact your school’s University Row representative or e-mail for more information.


University Row does not happen without dedicated leaders representing alumni chapters in the Washington, D.C. area.

2016 University Row Steering Committee

  • Dave Timmons, Chair – University of California – Berkeley
  • Lauren Mazanec, Vice-Chair – University of Michigan

Administration & Planning Committee

  • Forrest Sholars, Ticketing Chair – University of California – Santa Barbara

Onsite Operations 

  • Will Higgins, Events Chair – Florida State University

Offsite Operations

  • Regina Leonard, Events Chair – College of Charleston


  • Andrew Esquer, Comunications Chair – West Virginia University
  • Stephanie Sklar – Boston University
  • Elaine Myada – Howard University

Alumni Affairs

  • Hilah Zia, Alumni Affair Chair – West Virginia University


  • Meredith Karam, Activities Chair – Georgetown University


  • Crystal Zhao, Development Chair – University of Texas

Volunteer Recruitment

  • Harrison Boyd, Volunteer Recruitment Chair – University of Pittsburgh


  • Chelsey Kelly, Administration Co-Chair – Boston University
  • Ashley De Smeth, Administration Co-Chair – University of California – Berkeley


Alumni Events Alliance Board of Directors

  • Dave Timmons, President – University of California – Berkeley
  • Chelsey Kelly, Secretary – Boston University
  • Greg Merritt, Treasurer – Virginia Tech
  • Mike Hanpeter, Vice-President (Chapter Relationships) – Xavier
  • John FedewaBoard Member – College of William & Mary
  • Erin Meadors, Development Committee Chair – Georgetown University