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Since University Row is an all-volunteer event, in order to keep our costs down to provide a great event for our guest at a reasonable price, it’s crucial that every participating Alumni Chapter, Host, and Guest pitch in and help where they can. Volunteering for University Row is also FUN and is an excellent way to network and meet new people. Some afternoon assignments even offer the opportunity for discount codes for future Row’s with successful attendance.

Looking to sign up for a volunteer role this year? Please click here.

Thank you in advance for helping make this event happen!

If you have any questions about the Row volunteer program, please email info@universityrow.org. William Marshall (Howard), our Alumni Affairs Committee Lead, will follow up with you as soon as she can.

University Row Volunteer Happy Hour!

If you want to meet some Row guests before Race Day (which can make Gold Cup a lot more fun), come to our Volunteer Happy Hour!

To get a free drink at the happy hour, sign up as a volunteer here.

Thursday, April 26th, 2018    5:45pm – 9:45pm

The Bottom Line DC
1716 I Street NW  Washington DC
near Farragut West Metro

This event has been known to close bars, and create stories afterward… It is not an event to be missed!

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2018 University Row – selected Volunteer Duties

Day Before Race Day  – Offsite Volunteering Opportunities

University Row Site Prep & Item Installation — A small & committed group of volunteers goes to the event site at Great Meadow the day before
the Races, installs banners/flags/signs, fixes any fencing or tent location issues, checks on bar installations, and interacts with caterer and Gold Cup staff to make sure everything is good to go for race Day. This is a fun gig – great way to see the Race site before the Races.

Race Day  – Offsite Volunteering Opportunities

Registration & Pickup

Registration Volunteer—checks in all University Row guests at Whitlow’s on Wilson in Clarendon or Lou’s City Bar in Columbia Heights; checks ID for age compliance; trouble shoots any ticketing issues; answers any guest questions.

AM Bus Loader—Assists URSC Loading Manager in ensuring all buses are loaded to capacity, by directing guests; assigns Bus Captains from available volunteer pool and provides materials for
captains. Each loader is responsible for loading 2 buses before leaving Clarendon and must confirm full capacity before departure.

AM Bus Captain —Welcomes guests to University Row by reminding them of policies, activities and events of University Row (e.g. time slot for alumni chapter photo, Best Dressed Contest
timing) , responsible for assisting bus driver with navigating VA Gold Cup (e.g. displaying parking pass, confirming with URSC Loading Manager when bus has parked, etc.)

PM Bus Loader & Captain —Assists URSC Loading Manager in ensuring bus is loaded to capacity, by directing guests with appropriate color wristband; asks guests to assist in clean up and lost & found activities.

Race Day- Onsite Volunteering Opportunities

Onsite Registration — checks in all University Row guests at University Row; checks ID for age compliance; trouble shoots any ticketing issues; answers any guest questions and helps direct guests.

Clean Up Crew — Helps the catering staff + URSC leadership in collecting any items left behind at the Row to ensure they are returned to owner.

Best Dressed Handler — Assists the Best Dressed Chair & selection committee as needed.

Photographer Handler — Assists the photography team in getting the shots needed at the Row, escorts photographer to each tent for school specific photos at specific times.

Games Volunteer — Helps to make sure that the Games/activities area stays under control; answers any questions; works with games/activities sponsor as needed.

PM Lost & Found — Assists the catering staff & clean up crew to collect any left behind items and turns them to Lost & Found in Ballston or to a URSC leadership member.